Actually, Not Having Access to Beauty Treatments Has Been the Silver Lining of Quarantine

As we are all navigating through this pandemic, one of the adjustments that many are still trying to reconcile is not having access to our regular beauty upkeep. Whether you are fiending for your regular standing appointment with your lash lady or basically feel like a 1995 pre-teen without your acrylic nail set, getting through this stressful time without the extra comforts is trying to say the least. Truth be told, none of us know exactly when we will be reunited with the beauty treatments that aided in lifting our spirits. But, even with this kind of uncertainty, there is something freeing and liberating about unchaining ourselves from the regular beauty treatment that we’d become accustomed to. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in getting your nails done, waxing your brows, or whatever kind of treatment you love, embracing your beauty in its natural state is priceless. 

Aside from this time pushing us to get comfortable with our most bare self, taking this time to detox from the weight of beauty treatments is actually creating a space in our lives where our skin and hair can heal. Instead of overstyling our hair, this period of staying at home is giving us all the time to protective style and allow our strands to chill out. Swapping your daily makeup routine for a bare face can yield brighter, healthier skin and pores that can breathe. During this time of liberation from daily primping, you can shift your energy towards nourishing, restoring, and rejuvenating your body both inside and out. By the time we inch our way back to a sense of normalcy, you’ll be astounded by how beautiful you feel.

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