Your Hair's Health Isn't Cancelled. Here's What We Are Doing to Protect You

As we enter another week of sheltering in place, I wanted to touch base with you all. Firstly, I hope that you all are well, taking care of yourself and loved ones, and thriving in these uncertain times. As we continue to hunker down and adjust to our new normal for the moment, I wanted to share some updates from our shop. 

We understand how important it is to be transparent about what we are doing to ensure your safety. As always, our customers are our top priority and your safety is no exception. We are closely following the guidelines provided by our state leaders and the CDC in regards to how to conduct business in a safe and sanitary way. Here is what we are doing to make your safety a priority during this health crisis:

  • We are using gloves to handle, package, and ship all of our products to you
  • We are disinfecting every surface routinely to kill any germs 
  • We are checking all of our hair for any imperfection or signs that could indicate a potential risk to our customers
  • We are thoroughly washing all of our hair prior to shipping

As we navigate through this unprecedented time together, we want to do our part to alleviate burdens where we can. We know how impactful our appearance can be on our mood and, while we are staying home, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look and feel good. We know that every time you leave your home to make a store run is a time that you are potentially putting yourself at risk. While being able to grab tissue, groceries, and other necessities in-store is incredibly important, we want to help you purchase your hair care products without the unnecessary risk. During this time, we are offering free shipping on every product to make the process easier for you.

We are in this together and your safety, health, and customer satisfaction during this time is our top priority. We will continue to process orders, communicate with transparency, and use the guidelines provided by the CDC to ensure sanitary conditions throughout the process.


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