How to Create the Perfect, Low Maintenance, Back to Work Puff

As the country bounces between opening up through phases and battling surges that threaten to shut states back down all over again, finding the perfect hairstyle might be low on your priority list. Truth be told, aside from our brave essential workers, many of us are still operating from our living rooms and makeshift office. Even if you aren’t sure where your workspace will be in the upcoming months, one thing is for sure is that you’ll want to have an easy, cute, and low-stress style in your personal arsenal. Whether you’re heading back to work virtually or in person, you’ll want to do so in style.

If you’re natural, you’ve likely tried a form of the puff at some point in your journey. Whether it was the TWA version or the kind with swirling baby hairs, we can bet that you aren’t a stranger to the style. Typically seen as a casual look, the puff is actually the perfect, quick natural hairstyle that you can feel secure knowing will look good every time you do it. Whether you want to wear it high, low, or in the middle, a puff is flattering for every hair type and is easy to achieve, even for the most novice kitchen beautician. Here’s how you can create your perfect puff:

Tip 1. Products Matter

Avoid your puff turning out like a dry tumbleweed by starting with the right products. The Nubian Oasis Nourishing Oil will wrap your strands in a health-boosting, moisturizing blend that will leave every lock looking shiny and feeling ridiculously soft. If you prefer a more sleek puff look, make sure that you have a high-quality edge control or gel (or both) on hand. 

Tip 2. Start With 2-3 Day Old Hair

Your curls for your puff should be big, bold with just a sprinkle of frizz. You still want some definition but, in order to fill that puff out, you want your hair to be a few days into your twist-out or braid-out style. Otherwise, your puff will fall flat instead of standing out.

Tip 3. Secure the Puff

Having the right accessory to secure your puff is really the most important step. Whether you are kicking it old school with a bra strap or opting for more modern options like clips, make sure that your accessory can secure and hold your puff in place without compromising your strands or giving you a headache. 

Tip 4. Add Extra if You Want

So you are still at the beginning stages of your journey or you want to recreate that over the top puff you saw on IG; this is where we come in! Add in a few natural hair extensions or clip-in extensions to create an easy style that you’ll love. You can customize the added hair around your own puff to make the style all your own.

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