Influencer Spotlight: Brittany Bucknor

We recently spoke with influencer, blogger, and boutique business owner, Brittany Bucknor to see how she has been doing post COVID pandemic. I follow Brittany on Instagram and so amazed at how her stylish posts and beauty shots have not stopped because of COVID. In fact, she has inspired me to keep dressing up even while we continue to shelter in place! I was curious to know how she has been holding up and what secrets she has to share during this time. Check out her responses below!

Q: Has your hair care routine changed since being in quarantine, and if so, what has changed about it?

A: Yes. Prior to quarantine, I used to get a blow out every 4-6 weeks. I was lucky enough that right before lockdown, I got a protective style (crochet curls) that lasted for the first month, but I have not had my hair professionally done since April. I’ve attempted a blow out on my hair twice so far, but it’s just not the same.

Q: Prior to COVID - plenty of women spent ample time on their appearance because of work and social functions. Since that has changed, do you still prioritize “putting yourself together”?

A: No, but I don’t think it primarily has to do with not having functions to attend. Moreso, sometimes with so much going on in the world, it’s really made it hard to focus on myself or work. Also, a part of my beauty routine included professional services that I can no longer get done. I am trying to make more of an effort lately to prioritize my self.

Q: As we watch the world respond to the BLM movement and this push for buying Black, are there any Black-owned hair care lines that you can’t live without?

A: I recently came to find out that some of the products I use that I assumed were black-owned are not. I’m definitely taking note of Black-owned brands in all categories that I’d like to purchase from in the future.

Q: Some of us have been our own kitchen beauticians before this pandemic while others are basically besties with our hairstylists. Now that access to outside haircare has been limited, what are some of your DIY go-to hairstyles that have held you down? And have you acquired any new beauty skills instead of outside help since the lockdown?

A: Although we are in quarantine, my work schedule has gotten even busier, so I opt for hairstyles that are quick and easy. Lately, it’s just been slicking back into a low ponytail or bun. 

Q: You have an important Zoom meeting at 9 am, and you wake up at 8:30 am, what is the quick quarantine hairstyle that you have mastered that you can throw together in 30 mins or less?

A: Slicked back bun with lots of gel, so it remains sleek throughout the day. 

Q: What are your rules of thumb when it comes to WFH or virtual meetings and appearance? Is it an unspoken agreement that you aren’t expected to look the way you would in person, or are you getting ready at the same level you would if you were face-to-face?

A: For most of my meetings that require a webcam, I just make sure my hair is decent & my eyebrows are done. I don’t wear any makeup otherwise. However, my makeup and hair for work have almost always been pretty minimal.

Q: While it goes without saying that this pandemic and all that has unfolded because of it has been quite the transition for everyone. Do you feel like there is some level of relief that there is less pressure to look a certain way every day?

A: I’m really big on comfort, so I definitely appreciate not having to wear work attire and just loungewear now instead.

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Love this interview! Thank you for sharing.


Love this interview! Thank you for sharing.

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