The Nubian Oasis Hair Oil Will Give Your Neglected Strands a Much Needed Boost During Quarantine

As we enter another week of the COVID-19 lockdown, the entire world is on pins and needles, anxious to get back to regular life. While the world slowly inches it’s way back to our daily routines, your hair does not have to be neglected as you wait. With beauty-based business shut down, your hair may feel like it's been left to fend for itself. While you may not be able to get to the salon for your regular deep, restorative treatments, there is nothing that is stopping you from reviving your strands at home. 

The Nubian Oasis Hair Oil will give your locks the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that they are begging for. If you take a look at your hair right now, it may be dry, starting to break and split at the ends, and your roots may be screaming for some TLC. Our dynamic hair oil can treat your strands and make them ready for their post-quarantine debut. Here is how you can add the Nubian Hair Oasis Hair Oil into your hair care routine for an extra at home boost.

A Lux Conditioner Upgrade

Your favorite conditioner should be wrapping each of your strands in a nourishing blend of ingredients while also adding the perfect amount of slip for detangling. If you’ve been neglecting your hair more than usual during the lockdown, that nourishing blend just isn’t going to cut it. Adding a splash of the Nubian Oasis Hair Oil to your favorite bottle of conditioner will bring dry, thirsty coils back to life without too much extra work. You can add the oil to your conditioner for quick, shower treatments or you can go the extra step and allow the conditioner to penetrate your strands under a plastic cap. While the shine-boosting watermelon seed oil and strand fortifying babassu oil work their magic, catch up on a few emails or your favorite Netflix series. After about 30 minutes, wash the conditioner out, detangle, and marvel at how soft, shiny, and absolutely bomb your hair is. What a transformation!

Overnight Treatment:

Being locked indoors with no real reason to get dressed up in anything other than sweatpants and a bonnet, your hair is probably aching for a revival. The Nubian Oasis Hair Oil is a blend of essential ingredients that improve the overall health of your hair, like castor oil and babassu oil. To allow the ingredients to work their magic and transform your strands, apply it to hair from root to tip right before bed. Pop on a bonnet to get the heat flowing and enjoy sweet dreams knowing that the oil is working hard to bring your hair back to life. The next morning, wash your hair as normal and style. 

Aroma Treatment:

Scents and smells have a way of unlocking a deep sense of relaxation in a very unique way. The calming lavender scent in the Nubian Oasis Hair Oil is soothing to your senses as well as your scalp. The antimicrobial, inflammation calming oil tends to the scalp by delivering an intoxicating dose of serenity. The world is living in stressful times and everyone is coping in different ways. The lavender oil scent will feel like a special, spa-like treat at the end of a long day inside. 

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