Nubian Perks Program

Nubian Perks Program | Nubian Hair Oasis

How would you like to earn perks?  It’s Simple! 

Share The Love On Social Media & Earn Discounts For Your Next Order!!! is how you earn discounts:

  • Share a review and photo and earn 15% off your next order

  • Share a YouTube video & blog link about Nubian Hair to earn 20% off your next order.

  • Share a photo, social review, and YouTube video about Nubian Hair and earn 25% off your next order.

To apply:

  • Submit Your Nubian Hair Photos & Videos

  • Email: with the blog and social media links.

  • We will email you a discount code, once we review the social media message, blogpost or video. 

Social Media Pages:

Let’s Go!

Instagram: @nubianhairoasis, #nubianhairoasis
Facebook: Nubian Hair Oasis, #nubianhairoasis
Twitter: @nubianhairoasis

Make it fun and creative!!