Check out the beautiful Gelila Bekele in all her curly hair & glory. 

Gelila Bekele was born in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.  As a young child, the future top-model moved with her family to Europe. Then one day, after having relocated to the United States, Gelila’s life changed when an advertising art director discovered her on the way to school. Ultimately she signed with Ford Models and her career on the runways of New York and Europe took off.

Gelila is also a humanitarian and social activist. Taking advantage of her status as a celebrated model, she devotes much of her time to helping people in developing countries attain fundamental natural resources. "I have a duty to people on the other side of the world who often have no access to clean water," she says. Gelila is most passionate about her work with the organization Charity:Water, founded by photographer and entrepreneur Scott Harrison.

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