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“I am loving Nubian Hair, Egyptian Wave. It is so soft and easy to manage. I just comb thru , tease my hair and go out the door! Thank goodness for these low-maintenance waves. It's been a month and its still looks like the day I got it out the pack." 


"I just want to say that I've had my kinky weave installed for about 3 weeks now and I couldn't be happier. Every time I co-wash, this hair bounces right back. I've dyed the hair and it withstood that. Just wanted to share how happy I am with my purchase."


About Us

Nubian Oasis/Oasis Haircare is a space rooted in passion for curating hair care products for women with textured hair to ensure that they feel empowered and as if they are in a welcoming space to purchase hair extensions, products, and accessories.

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