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Deeply rooted in our passion for curating hair products that honor the diversity of all hair textures, our mission is to give you high quality ingredients that will nourish your hair and skin so you can feel beautiful and confident.

  • Intentional

    Each product is specially formulated with you in mind. We hand select each ingredient to give you a product you can be proud to use and that your hair will love.

  • Ethical

    We sourced our products the right way. We are committed to giving you simple, clean ingredients.

  • Educational

    Understanding your hair is a journey that involves knowing your hair type, its unique needs, and adopting effective care practices. We’re here to show how to care for your hair’s specific needs.

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The Inspo Behind Nubian Oasis

I knew I wanted to create a safe space where women could leave feeling renewed, educated, and at ease about their hair products. I wanted a place that would reflect their inner beauty… So I created An Oasis

-Donnet, founder of Nubian Oasis 

Meet the Founder