This Step by Step Guide Will Teach You How To Create The Perfect Wash and Go

This Step by Step Guide Will Teach You How To Create The Perfect Wash and Go

Perfecting your wash & go is a balancing act between finding the right products for your curls and figuring out a go-to method for defining those curls without creating a mess of frizz in the process. The end goal of every wash and go is to create defined, soft, shiny curls that don’t require an overnight setting process like braid-outs and twist-outs. Here is a quick step by step guide to getting that picture-perfect wash and go without any of the crunchy frizz.


Every hairstyle, whether it is a wash and go or cornrows, starts with clean hair. Excess buildup can weigh your curls down and make them look dull and undefined. Start out with a head of clean hair by opting for an all-natural cleanser, free of toxins and dyes. If you are more the do it yourself type, you can also cleanse with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water to breakdown any product or dirt buildup instead of using traditional shampoo.


Finding your perfect conditioner is like finding your hair’s soulmate. A solid conditioner will replenish your thirsty curls with, moisturize them, and create the necessary slip to detangle them without creating too much frizz. When applying your conditioner, avoid slathering onto your roots where it can clog the pores on your scalp. Instead, concentrate on your strands and the ends of your hair. While your hair is saturated with conditioner, take the time to detangle any knots or curls wrapped around each other. Once the conditioner is rinsed out, follow up with a lightweight leave-in conditioner to keep the moisturizing boost flowing.

Optional Styler

Depending on your hair texture and the way you like to style your hair, you can choose to use a styling cream, gel, or pomade post conditioner. This can range from a curl defining gel to a de-frizzing serum. Gently work this product into your curls using the scrunch method or run the strands through your fingers using the shingling method. If you prefer using hair tools, this is the perfect time to use a curl defining brush. If you are working with a TWA, use the palm of your hand to swirl the product around in the direction your curls naturally form.

Use Nourishing Golden Oil

Arguably the most important step when creating the perfect wash and go is adding the Nourishing Golden Oil. Packed with nutrients that your curls crave, the Nourishing Golden Oil restores and seals in moisture to create a wash and go that looks and feels as healthy as it is. Frizz-free curls starts with a healthy head of hair, and with ingredients like jojoba oil, castor oil, and avocado seed oil, your curls will flourish with every use. While your hair is still wet, apply the Nourishing Golden Oil from mid-shaft to tip. The oil will seal in the moisturizing products you’ve already applied to leave your coils bouncy and soft to the touch.

Scrunch and Shake

Once you’ve cleansed, conditioned, added products, and a few drops of the Nourishing Golden Oil, the only thing left is to scrunch and shake. The scrunching encourages your curls to form and create a full, voluminous look while shaking helps to separate your coils to create a beautiful final look.

Blow Dry or Diffuse

This is an optional step and, if you are not into using heat tools on your curls, this step is totally fine to skip. However, drying the excess water or using a diffuser can add that extra level of volume that will take your wash and go to the next level. By stretching the roots and blow drying on cool or low, your curls will be less likely to shrink as they would with air drying. A diffuser can help define your curls a bit more than when you use the scrunch method alone.

Perfecting your wash and go will take time and practice but, with the right products, you’ll have a #hairgoals look in no time.
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