Letter from the Founder

Hey there, 

I’m Donnet, owner of Nubian Oasis. I started this company in 2016, to create a safe space-an oasis- for a diverse group of people. I want each of my products to reflect our inner beauty and help us exude confidence.

For years, I would go to beauty stores, wanting to feel educated and confident about my purchases. I had so many questions about my hair routine, the right way to hydrate and moisturize my hair… and no real answers. So, like most, I decided to do it myself! For three years, I did the research to bring you ethically sourced products that cater to a range of different textures.

I chose each ingredient for its ability to strengthen our hair and skin and together they serve as an ode to my cultural heritage. I prioritized ingredients that would revitalize our natural hair, and keep our tresses hydrated and moisturized. I’ve devoted my hair company to making people like you feel beautiful, confident and unique. 

This brand isn’t just about hair. It's about preserving the legacy and integrity of our hair. 

Welcome to Nubian Oasis! 



About Us

A unique and thoughtful blend that parallels Jamaican, Caribbean, and African beauty trends, Nubian Oasis was created with lots of passion and care.  We are committed to redefining hair care  by embracing the bold, diverse and unique hair textures in our community. With hand selected ingredients and carefully curated formulas, each product was created to give your hair the love and attention it deserves.

From our signature hair oil, to our shampoo and conditioner, every product is created with a clean, plant-based profile that naturally nourishes, restores, and revives each strand from root to tip.