About Us

In 2015, Nubian Oasis was born out of the frustrations of shopping local beauty supply stores and receiving bad customer service and bad experiences with products. I noticed an opportunity to fill a void in the beauty ownership space where there is a lack of multicultural owners of elevated marketplaces and quality hair care brands.

I needed to create a space, much like an oasis, where diverse women could leave feeling renewed, educated, and guilt-free about the products reflecting their inner beauty on the outside. Switching up your looks is celebrated here, so the first line of products was ethically sourced extensions to match a range of different textures.

Oasis Haircare was launched in 2018 to help pesky daily hair issues for women rocking their natural hair or extensions. Our haircare line encompasses a unique and thoughtful blend that parallels Jamaican, Caribbean, and African beauty trends. Every product is created with a clean, plant-based profile that naturally nourishes, restores, and revive strands from root to tip.

So browse around, check out our products, and let me know if you have any questions!