Beauty Fête: the Self-Love Edition!

Beauty Fête: the Self-Love Edition!

Before Valentine's Day, I decided to host a special surrounding Self Love. The Self-Love Edition covered topics of radical self-care. 

Self- love, and self-care are popular words today used interchangeably. But I wanted to find out from others self-love meant to them and how they connect it to self-care?

The amazing speakers included Rashanna Moss of Modern Muse, Jessica Washington of GorJess Skincare, and myself!

We got into the nitty-gritty on body and hair positivity as well as the cultural views often imposed. Rashanna brought us into her Sports Psychology background and how digging into her family's history made her realize how vital fitness in the longterm. And Jessica shared the healthy and unhealthy skincare trends she has been seeing on the esthetician treatment table lately. Oh! And I can't forget about the discussion on dating?! We all agreed on no matter if your single, married, or have kids, find time to be gentle to yourself, practice unapologetic self-care, and LOVE all of you. Your mind, body, and spirit will only thank you for it!

Check out the pictures from the event and let me know what other topics you would like us to explore at the next Beauty Fête.

Thank you Open House Austin for the space, and a special thank you goes to the super talented Sanetra Longo for capturing our special moments!

Thank you to everyone that showed up in the name of self-love, acceptance, and beauty!

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