6 Reasons You Should Invest In Clip-In Extensions!!

Ever wondered how your favorite curlistas like Beyonce achieve a voluminous or longer curly looks? Well a super easy and low-maintenance way of achieving this look is by using Clip-In Sets. Women that are natural, transitioning, and even relaxed can use this method! Clip-In sets requires little commitment and your able to return to your beautiful hair at anytime!

The great thing about Nubian Curly/Wavy Hair Clip-in extensions is the ease and instant style you can achieve within minutes. We’re all about the ‘easy!’ You’re able to quickly clip them into place at home without having any help from a hairstylist. It doesn’t require you rushing or waiting in a salon on those days you have special occasion or other things to do. You are able to use the same hair care products, curling wand, or do a twist-out on your Nubian Curly/Wavy Hair Clip-in extensions. Clip-in sets allow you to create different styles such as waves and curls the same way as you would with a sew-in install.

Why you should consider Nubian Clip-In Hair Extensions…

  1. The clip-in extensions takes 10-15 minutes to install
  2. They’re made with 100% Human Hair
  3. No long-term commitment required. Remove them whenever your ready
  4. Adds volume to those with thin curly hair
  5. Adds length if you want to achieve a different look/style
  6. No tension on the scalp and they are super easy to remove. Just slightly bend the clip the backwards and lift up away from scalp

How to install Nubian Clip-In Hair Extensions:

  1. Once you have your clip-in extensions you can start the process of putting them in. Make sure your hair is washed and styled to match the texture of the clip-in extensions you've purchased. You can chose from your favorite styles of a wash-and-go, twist-out, braid-out, or flat-twists to get started.
  2. Use a comb and some general hair clips or pins to divide your hair into sections so that you can easily place in your clip-in extensions. Take the clip-in extension and clip them into place. You want to ensure they are placed around your head equally so that they look natural.
  3. The clip-in extensions are pressure sensitive so all you need to do, to prevent them from slipping, is to snap them into place. Attach all the pieces then check the install in the mirror to make sure you are happy with the results. If anything looks off to you, just remove the clip-in and reattach it. The best thing about clip-ins is that can change them quickly if you have to change the look instantly.

Boom! That’s it…its that easy!

Check out our collection of curly - Wavy Clip-In Extensions here!



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