Nubian Hair Oasis Launches “I am A Nubian Reign” with Trend Curator, Kéla Walker

Miami, FL -- Television Host and Trend Curator, Kéla Walker has recently been chosen for the Nubian Reign Ambassador program. Nubian Hair Oasis (NHO) sorted through plenty of ambassador applications. Kéla Walker along with a couple other curlistas was crowned as Nubian Reign Ambassadors of 2015.

Kéla Walker has been showing her audience just how she wears the Natural Wave texture from the NHO line. She has been spotted rocking her Natural Wavy bob: on the way to her office, hanging with friends, producing influential content, on the Met Gala red carpet, and vacationing in Jamaica.

“The collaboration between Nubian Hair and Kéla Walker is huge for us! I've followed Kéla’s career, and to be able to work with her is a true pleasure. She embodies the Nubian Hair brand in so many ways. She is a confident, go-getter, fashion savvy, positive, and inspirational influencer for so many women in media. There are many women entering the media industry that look up to Kéla as well. Kéla reigns in her own light and we are all about that! That is just a few of the reasons why she is a Nubian Reign,” said Nubian Hair Owner/Creative Director, Donnet Bruce.

Take a glimpse at how Kéla Walker has been rocking her Nubian Natural Wave tresses with her eye-dropping daily ensembles by visiting:

Also, be sure to follow this Nubian Reign at @Kelawalker on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you're interested in becoming a Nubian Reign, please submit your media kit, stats, and social pages to

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