We Made It On The Huffington Post!

We Made It On The Huffington Post!

Sooooo this happened! I'm honored and humbled to have made this list, that can now be seen on HuffingtonPost.com!!! Thank you to Felecia Hatcher and supporters! Stay tuned for more to come with Nubian Hair Oasis.

[excerpt] "South Florida is known for a lot of things, it’s beaches, close proximity to the Caribbean and Latin American, the birth place of augmented reality company Magic Leap and the home of rapper Trick Daddy.  In 2015 South Florida’s largest city, Miami, was listed as the #2 city for startup activity by the Kauffman FoundationWhat’s not often talked about is it’s budding black startup community..."

You have to check out the full article and list here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/18-black-miami-startups-making-waves-outside-of-silicon_us_57c874dbe4b0b9c5b73799a7?h60ogozpt8phz1tt9 


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