Travel, Adventure, and Beautiful Hair!

Travel, Adventure, and Beautiful Hair!

Whether you're going on vacation to your favorite local lake or on a world adventure, the very last thing you want to worry about is your maintaining your hair's health and style with a complicated routine. Keeping up with washing your hair, fumbling through a duffel bag of products, detangling, setting, and styling can eat into the time can be better used soaking up rays on the beach or staying up past your bedtime enjoying the night life. This simple traveler's guide will be everything you need to have beautiful hair while enjoying every minute of your vacation:

What to pack

Before you pick out your clothes and bathing suits, gather your hair products and tools to last you throughout your trip while not weighing you down.

  1. A wide-toothed comb to easily detangle curls and waves
  2. Leave in conditioner to replenish moisture and double as a styling cream
  3. Satin bonnet to keep curls bouncy while you rest
  4. Spray bottle to fill with part water and part oil for on the go refreshing of the curls
  5. All of your favorite products, like shampoo and gel, in travel sized bottles

Best Traveling Friendly Hairstyles

When you are traveling around the world or just across the state, the last thing you want to worry about is maintaining a hairstyle. The Nubian Curly and Wavy Hair extensions with closures are the best options for vacationing. You can style your hair just like you would your natural hair with virtually none of the hassle.

Do's and Don'ts of Maintaining Your Extensions While on Vacation

While your Nubian Curly and Wavy Hair extensions won't be as time-consuming as styling your own hair, it still needs some care.

Do protect your hair every night with a satin bonnet to prevent your extensions from drying out and losing their bounce.

Do gently detangle your curls and waves with a wide tooth comb; starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Do use light natural oils to promote a healthy shine to your hair.

Don't forgo washing cleansing your scalp. Make sure you are caring for your scalp throughout your vacation with oil treatments and using clarifying shampoos.

Don't crush your curls. Set your hair the night before to preserve your curls by twisting or braiding your hair into chunky sections.

The perfect vacation hair can be as easy and simple as your favorite Nubian Curly or Wavy Hair extensions. Low maintenance, high quality, and beautiful results; what else does a girl need to for a fabulous vacation?

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