How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions While Sleeping!

How to Maintain Your Hair Extensions While Sleeping!

One of the worst things you can do for your hair before you go to bed is absolutely nothing. For people with highly textured hair (i.e.. hair that is curly, kinky, kinky curly, spiraled, or coily), protecting their hair at night with regular hair maintenance is as important as breathing air or drinking water is to life. Highly textured hair can be prone to dryness and breakage if it's not properly protected at all times, especially at night.

Here's the deal: for all of you who are wearing highly textured hair extensions, the same rules apply, even more so! If you think that because you're wearing curly hair extensions or wavy hair extensions you're exempt from protecting your hair at night, you'd be wrong. Extensions can be a protective style because allow your own hair to rest underneath without being manipulated, but the extensions themselves are not protective. People who wear extensions have to be even more vigilant about maintaining a healthy haircare regimen because they have to work harder to make sure that their natural strands are protected and moisturized.

How can I protect my hair at night...and feel sexy?! 

If you're sleeping alone, no problem. You'll throw on your head scarf without batting an eye. If you're with your significant other, however, you're probably thinking of ways to keep it cute all while catching some zzz's! Luckily, there ways that you can protect your hair and your hair extensions at night without detracting from your usual loveliness. Here’s how...

  • Get an attractive but effective head covering. Grace Eleyae's Slap satin caps are beautiful, offer plenty of protection for delicate strands and are attractive enough to be worn outdoors! You can also make your own cap by lining an attractive cap or the material of your choice with satin or silk. The lining helps protect your strands - both natural and added - from drying out and breaking off.
  • Use a spray bottle with your favorite moisturizing mix to spritz your hair at night, making sure you moisturize your own hair underneath the extensions as well as the extension hair.
  • Braid or twist your curly hair extensions or your wavy hair extensions at night to prevent tangling and ensure easy comb-out in the morning.
  • Choose quality hair extensions like those from Nubian Oasis. Cheap, poor-quality hair extensions strip your hair of invaluable moisture and, frankly, look terrible. With Nubian Oasis hair, you get to choose from a wide selection of top-notch, hand-selected hair that will enhance your look without destroying or detracting from your natural beauty!

And there you have it! Simple tips to help you maintain your hair extensions/natural hair.

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